Monday, April 6, 2015

Turner Mansion provides new professional office space

Located not far from the Spokane River, the University District and even Downtown Spokane sits one of the city's coolest and most historic buildings, The Turner Mansion. At 98 years old The Turner Mansion is just awesome with it's large old trees and big columns outside the front door.

The building was used as a adult living facility for many years, until late 2014. That's when the building began it's conversion over to it's new use, professional office space.

The mansion is located at 1521 E. Illinois Avein Spokane and is now home to up to 16 potential offices. Some renovations are ongoing but for the most part the building is ready for new businesses to open up offices in. As of my last contact with the owner the building is about 40% leased.

Businesses already setting up shop in the Turner Mansion include ecommerce, a hair dresser, therapists, councilors and even a local office for a Chinese company. But, even though some business is happening already inside the mansion, space is still up for lease.

The Turner Mansion , offers varying office sizes with spaces from 165 square feet all the way up to 770 square feet. Rental rates seem fair as well with offices going for anywhere from $200 to $890 a month including utilities. And, yes I said including utilities, of course that is with the exception of phone and internet service.

The Turner Mansion offers many amenities to their office tenants as well. Tenants will enjoy free parking , monitored security and fire alarms, a conference room, kitchenette and extra storage space in the attic and basement. This is a great opportunity for any local business owner to set up a new home in a neat old building.

For more information The Turner Mansion, including leasing, photos and contact info. Check their web site at-


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