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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Follow up on the new Planned Parenthood building in Spokane

We're now learning a little more on the proposal to build a new office / clinic building in Spokane for Planned Parenthood. But, before I post the new information, I must first apologize to Planned Parenthood as my original article claimed their new building would be bigger, it is not. Instead it is actually smaller but newer and more efficient.  That article has since been corrected .

Here are the new details on the new Planned Parenthood building-

The new building will be 16,000 square feet, current building is 22,000 square feet.

The new building is to be completed in the last half of 2017, once completed the current building will be torn down for a new parking area. The current building is located adjacent to the new site.

The new building will be more efficient both in how space is used and in reducing it's environmental footprint.

While the new building doesn't open till 2017, construction will start well before that. In fact site work could begin as early this winter with ground being broken in Spring or Summer of 2016.

For the details on what the new will Planned Parenthood building will offer, including a rendering of the new building, check our original post at-