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Friday, November 6, 2015

"Spokane Tunnel Car Wash" project starting soon in West Central, evicting many.

In case you haven't heard the news via our area media outlets, a new car wash is being planned to be built in Spokane's West Central neighborhood. The project, which is currently called the Spokane Tunnel Car Wash , would normally not be a big news item. But, it's what is happening to the site before the car wash opens that is causing a stir, and possibly even re-starting the ongoing conversation about our city's dire need for low income housing options.

The car wash site sits along N. Ash , between Boone Ave & Gardner Ave. The site is currently occupied by several rental homes, most, if not all of those homes are occupied by low income families. The car wash developer , Sarff Investments , a Spokane Valley based company ( 13505 E. Broadway ) led by owner Harold Sarff, is only giving those residents 27 days to pack up and leave their homes. This, before the Sarff Investments team comes in to remove the homes, something many view as " immoral " .

The company proposes removing most of the homes on this city block leaving only a couple homes still standing on the Maple St side of the block. Here is a look at the block in question from above-

But, this purpose of this blog is to not get too involved in controversial topics, and just provide a source to find out about new business coming to our area. So, even though I, like many, agree this is wrong, here is what the car wash plan includes:

The plan was originally rumored to include a coffee shop of some kind, however that rumor is not true and the block will only house the new car wash. On permits the car wash is being called Spokane Tunnel Car Wash. However the developer , Sarff Investments , already owns one car wash in Spokane with a similar style, leading us to think this car wash may a second location of that business. That car wash is the Mega Wash Express Car Wash & Detail Center at 17316 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley.

Sarff Investments issued a statement regarding this project , saying the new car wash will employ 12 with " well paying jobs " .

Here is a look at the site plan for the new car wash-

Although not confirmed by INBW, it has been reported that Sarff Investments has offered to help some people move out of their homes. There also has been some help offered on a couple of Facebook pages, one of the residents being evicted , Amber Salisbury , has even turned to a fundraising campaign to help her family move out of the block. Here is a link to her site-

Although the evictions are for right now, there is no news on when construction might start. Keep watching this site for more on the project...