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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New High rise building planned by the River in Downtown Spokane.

Note: This is a revised posting of something briefly posted on this site. That article gave the information that this building would be built on the same site as Anthony's . That was not correct, and in fact Anthony's is actually the owner of their building and has no plans to leave.

With that said, a new high rise building is in the works for Downtown Spokane. The site of the building is just off of the Upper Falls of the Spokane River on the north bank. It is more commonly known as the current site of the former YWCA building. Because of it's proximity to Spokane Falls has given the purposed skyscraper it's current name, The Falls .

The Falls is a development project of The Falls,LLC , who is affiliated with LB Stone Properties who are the same developers as the Playfair Commerce Park. Playfair is a successful, up and coming development of factories and warehouses on the site of the former Playfair Race Course in East Central Spokane.

The Falls building is currently early in the planning phases, and although we have confirmed it as a project of LB Stone, no renderings or tenants, etc... have been released . LB Stone however is now hiring a project manager to oversee the project's development.

So, what all will The Falls include? Here's what is currently being planned for the project-

-An " exceptional " restaurant

-A food store



The Falls is planned to be a 12 story tower in a convenient neighborhood near most of Downtown and the Spokane Arena. The project will be built in phases with no set start date for construction. We'll keep an eye on this project so watch for more updates as the plan progresses.

The Falls is not the only high rise planned currently in the Downtown area. Another, larger building is planned on the eastern side of Downtown. That building is also only in the planning phase and will include some commercial uses but will mainly be a apartment tower, geared towards students in University District. That building will rise ( if built..) at the corner of Spokane Falls Blvd. and N. Division where an abandon auto repair shop stands now. That project is not related to The Falls development.