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Friday, November 6, 2015

New business, Urban Creek Delivery, offers IKEA delivery to Spokane

Spokane loves IKEA, many local homes, including my own, have IKEA furniture in them. But, there is one thing missing, a IKEA store in our area. In fact the closest IKEA stores are both over 300 miles away in Seattle and Portland. But, one new company, based out of Seattle is hoping to help the Lilac City out of our IKEA withdraws by providing delivery from the Seattle store to Spokane. And, this new company takes it one step further, by even offering furniture assembly!

The business is named Urban Creek Delivery, and is very convenient concept. Customers select what they want, submit a shopping list to Urban Creek Delivery and they do all the work. From shopping to assembly and then loading up their truck and delivering your items directly to you!

All IKEA items are available and delivery is still cheaper then the delivery providers IKEA uses, which cost a minimum of $350 in delivery charges. Urban Creek delivers merchandise to Spokane usually every two weeks, but that is dependent on the order volume. Urban Creek Delivery delivers to homes and also businesses, college dorms even storage units all around Spokane.

To celebrate the launch of Urban Creek Delivery, they are holding an exciting contest! Urban Creek Delivery is giving away $500 in IKEA furniture, with four pieces going out to four people! To enter to win, visit their Facebook page, listed below and click on contest!

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