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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dollar Tree opening in Rathdrum , Airway Heights on the horizon.

The first of two new Dollar Tree stores in the Inland Northwest is about to open for business in Rathdrum,ID. The first however has been the subject of some controversy as a locally owned and operated hardware store was removed from the strip mall space for the store. However, that hardware business is still open and will soon be on to a new bigger, better location elsewhere in Rathdrum.

The new Rathdrum Dollar Tree is currently scheduled to open on Thursday , June 30th in the former location of Rathdrum Trading Post Hardware at 16484 N. Highway 41. The store is about 10,000 square feet and is in a shopping center, just a few doors down from Stein's grocery store. The store will have much of the same merchandise / departments found in typical Dollar Tree stores, like decorations, books, stationary, cleaning goods, grocery basics and more, all for $1.00 or less.

But, while Rathdrum is getting their new Dollar Tree store first, another new Dollar Tree branded store is only a short time away from opening on the other side of Spokane in Airway Heights.

There a new Dollar Tree will be one of several new business going into the new Hayford Crossing shopping center on the Southwest corner of US 2 and Hayford Rd. in Airway Heights. Originally, this store was announced to be opening in the fall, however the building is looking to be progressing somewhat ahead of schedule. We will keep an eye on that new store, and that whole project in general ( More on what all is coming in Hayford Crossing here- )

Dollar Tree is a Chesapeake,Va based dollar store retailer, one of the largest chains in the dollar store industry. The company operates 13,600 stores in 48 US States and parts of Canada and as is evident by the events here continues to grow.

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