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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

N. Monroe Shari's planned to be replaced by a new Burger King

I think many people hoped the now out of business former Shari's restaurant location at 1829 N. Monroe would someday re-open as a similar diner style restaurant. But, while it looks like this won't happen, it does look like the now abandoned corner of N. Monroe & W. Indiana will soon come back to life... this time with fast food.

Property owner Lloyd Torgenson has filed a" pre-development conference " agenda with the City of Spokane for plans to demolish the Shari's building. After the demo the lot would be prepped for a new Burger King franchise. Since the development is still in the planning phase there is no planned opening date for the new Burger King, but if the new location on Division near Northtown Mall is any indication the project will be speedy.

Plans for the new N. Monroe Burger King call for a standard single story fast food style restaurant building with dine in and a drive though. The building would run parallel to N. Monroe with the front facing W. Indiana and a rear entrance on W. Nora. Plans call for the building to be a little over 4000 square feet in total ( 920 square feet of that being the indoor dining area ). The plan also currently calls for 900 square foot children's play area. A new surface parking lot would also be added to the site on the western side.

The building has sat empty for roughly the last 3 years since the Shari's CafĂ© & Pies franchise closed. This was the only Spokane are Shari's to close as they continue to be open for business at 5602 N. Division , 12502 N. Division & 320 N. Sullivan ( Spokane Valley )

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