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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's going in out front the Post Falls Wal Mart?

I've been getting a few questions asking what is going in the front half of the Post Falls Wal Mart store ( the one on E. Mullan Ave.) . A large block of the parking lot has been dug up and construction fencing surrounds the mystery site. So, just what is the reason behind all this new construction?

The answer... a new gas station. The gas station will be among the first group of Wal Mart owned and branded gas stations. In the past Wal Mart has partnered with other gas station operators to lease gas stations on the their stores properties, but a few months back the Arkansas based mega retailer made the decision to end this tradition and brand their own gas stations. In addition to the decision to convert to Wal Mart branding the company also announced they plan to aggressively expand the gas station concept, meaning perhaps Post Falls won't be the only Wal Mart gas station location in our area?

The Post Falls Wal Mart gas station should be open by the end of the year but no specific opening date has been set just yet. Exact plans aren't available but many of the other Wal Mart gas station locations have included a small convenience store or at the very least a small building to pay at.

Having a gas station at Wal Mart is nothing new for Post Falls, just not in recent years. The site that is now occupied by a Burger King was once a gas station leased by Wal Mart to Tesoro which operated under the Mirastar gas station branding. That gas station however was demolished and eventually converted to the site of the fast food restaurant that stands there today.