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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New shopping center to be part of Granite Point Apartments expansion in Spokane Valley

Another phase of building has been underway for a few weeks now to add another 190+ apartments onto the already large Granite Point Apartments development just west of the YMCA in Spokane Valley. But unlike past building at the site this phase of development won't be entirely residential with plans calling for an un-named retail shopping center to be built at 12930 E. Mansfield Ave right in front of the apartment buildings.

The commercial building will be a little over 7,000 square feet and dividable for up to five separate businesses. The building is off the main roads of the area ( Pines & Indiana ) but perfectly positioned for the many residents that live in the area. In fact, with the area being largely populated by apartment complexes there are over 1000 residential units just within a half a mile of the site, making the site a dream come true for restaurants, coffee shops, banks, really any neighborhood type of business.

Footings are already in for the new shopping center but the developers are kind of in a temporary holding pattern while they wait on businesses to lease space there. Leasing is being managed by SDS Realty,Inc. who says they do already have a few prospective tenants interested but no one actually lined up to move in just yet. Space in the shopping center is leasing at $12 per square foot and a tenant improvement allowance is available.

The building will have on site surface parking provided and there is potential for a drive through at a couple of the units. We'll keep an eye out for when we might see businesses move in here and who they may be. If you are interested in leasing space contact Levi McCormick ( 509-462-9306 / ) or Charlie Wolff ( 509-953-7034 / ) .