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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Garland Animal Clinic to move / renovate the former Garland Liquor Store for new vet clinic

With 50 years of operation under their belt, the Garland Animal Clinic ,currently located at 623 W. Garland Ave., has built a reputation as one of the best veterinary clinics in the Spokane area. But the positive reputation has made the business grow to the point that it is now outgrowing it's current home.

Garland Animal Clinic is remedying this with the recent announcement that the clinic is relocating, but still staying in the Garland District, just in a larger and more prominent location. Renovation work is already under way to covert the former Garland Liquor Store building at 1022 W. Garland into the new home of the Garland Animal Clinic.

The new location will offer the vet clinic 6500 square feet of space, up from the 2500 they previously had. The more floor space will also allow for 2 more exam rooms, giving them a total of 5. They also will be able to add dental x-rays and perhaps other new services. There is no exact completion date for the remodel / move of the business but they tell me if all goes as planned the work phase should take about 3 months, meaning an opening at the new location sometime in first half of 2017.

Garland Animal Clinic is made up of 5 experienced Veterinarian's who provide quality care most any pet. Their clinic is a full service vet's office with comprehensive medical , surgical and dental care.

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