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Monday, November 28, 2016

Spike Aerospace might bring their jet aircraft manufacturing facility to Spokane

Ok, so I don't usually post links to Spokesman Review articles but tonight they broke the news big business news and I just don't have enough info on this to post about this myself just yet. So a link to the article is located lower in this post.

Looks like Spokane is in the running for an exciting new aerospace manufacturing facility. Spokane is one of 3 cities in Washington to potential get the new plant from Boston based jet aircraft start-up Spike Aerospace . The company is developing a new jet that can travel from NYC to LA in just over 3 hours!

Interestingly enough the article hints of a land sale for a 300,000+ sq foot building that may or may not be for this company. It also indicates another smaller aerospace company might also be eyeing land here for some sort of facility. Both of those sites are on the West Plains near the Spokane International Airport.

Here is the story: