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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ace Hardware opening new location is Spokane Valley

Spokane's The General Store is in a round about way expanding it's local reach. A new ACE Hardware store will open soon in Spokane Valley owned and operated by The General Store's CEO Bruce Barany and will feature some of the same product selections as The General Store due to that store's affiliation with the ACE Hardware chain. But the owner and product lines is about where the affiliation between the main store and the new ACE location ends.

The new Spokane Valley ACE Hardware store will be located in the a newly renovated building at 1330 N. Argonne Road nearby the intersection of N. Argonne and Sinto Ave. . The building was once home to Spears Furniture until a disastrous winter storm caused the roof of that store to cave in about 4 years ago.

The new store will employ 10 and is expected to open sometime in May.

Ace Hardware is a Chicago,Ill. based chain of hardware store with many locations already in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area including the fore mentioned General Store on N. Division St. near N. Foothills Dr. in Spokane.

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