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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hayden Discount Cinema to open at former Hayden Cinema 6 location

It's only been a few weeks since the lights went out for the final movie at Hayden Cinema 6, a locally owned and operated first run movie theater in Hayden. At the time of that businesses closing no mention was made of what might take over the space being vacated.

However we have now learned the movie theater space won't be vacant for long, and will be occupied by, another movie theater. Mike Lenhosit of Boise has acquired the business and will re-open on June 7th but with a slightly different format. The new owner plans to operate the business as a second run discount movie theater. The new theater will use the name Hayden Discount Cinema and will charge only a 2.00 admission price for all movies shown.

The new Hayden Discount Cinema will employ between 15-20 and will be open daily at noon. The new cinema will take over all of the former Hayden Cinema 6's space which can be found on the back end of the Prairie Shopping Center off of Prairie Ave in between US 95 and Government Way in Hayden. The theater is visible from Government Way nearby the Hayden Library.

The owners have much experience with running movie theaters having operated similar businesses in Southern Idaho for many years.

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