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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spokane Convention Center expansion design and firms chosen

I admit I'm a bit late on this post but earlier this month the Spokane Public Facilities District, the body that oversees the operations of the Spokane Convention Center along with The INB Performing Arts Center and the Spokane Arena, meet and choose a new design and construction firm for a massive expansion that is planned for the Convention Center.

The Spokane PFD chose the plans presented by Garco / ASLC / LMN . The expansion plans add 90,000 new square feet of space on the exhibit hall to make Spokane more market-able to shows and conventions, also the plans call for new meeting space and new support space. The expansion will also " highlight" the Spokane River. Construction work on the Spokane Convention Center expansion is expected to begin in August of this year.

The expansion project is being funded via a sales tax and hotel/motel tax extension that was approved last year by voters. The funding also includes work at the Spokane Arena where the Spokane PFD will add 700 new seats in the upper levels of the Arena. That project is also expected to begin this summer and will make the Arena more marketable to shows and groups such as the NCAA.

Pictures and additional info about the expansion plans at the Convention Center is available online at the web site below:

For more info on the Spokane Public Facilities District visit:

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