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Friday, May 3, 2013

New building for the Lilac Bloomsday Association

Spring has sprung in the Spokane area and the 2013 Bloomsday Run is this Sunday in Spokane ( If your reading this the week I posted it.)  . And this year and for hopefully many years to come as the runners and walkers pass thru the final 2 miles of the over 7 mile race they will go only a couple of blocks from a new building at 1414 N. Belt St  . That new building on Belt St. is key to the success of Bloomsday as it is the new home to the Bloomsday event's managing organization the Lilac Bloomsday Association.

The association moved into the new building just south of the West Central Community Center  in Feb. of this year . The new building was built to better organize the event's management and to consolidate both the offices and the warehouse into one central facility. The new building has 13,000 square feet of space with offices, meeting rooms and even a second floor area which will house the Bloomsday archives.

The new Bloomsday building is also home to the fore mentioned Bloomsday warehouse. The warehouse provides storage for everything from signage to finisher t-shirts. The former warehouse, which was located elsewhere in Spokane has already been sold.

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