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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spokane area food truck fight underway

Spokane A list, a website that is part of the Cityvoter network has launched an online contest to see which Spokane Food Truck / Food Cart is the best. While Spokane / Coeur d' Alene may not have the huge food truck followings like Portland and other US cities do. The contest is proving that the food truck business in our region is growing and getting stronger.

The contest is already in it's second round and semi-finals and finals will begin on May 14th. The remaining trucks in the Spokane A List Food Truck Fight are: The King of Tacos, Scoop Ice Cream , Toby's BBQ , Veraci Pizza , Log Cabin BBQ , Tacos El Sol, Best Sandwhich Shack and The Jamican Jerk Pan.

The food trucks knocked out in round 1 included: Couple of Chefs Street Cusine, Big Red's, Auggie Dogs , Smokin' Romes BBQ, Classic Crusin' Cusine , The Big Yellow Mobile Kitchen , The Phat Truck and Nino Mary's

Voting and results on the Spokane Food Truck Fight can be found on-

Some local food trucks are not included in the fight, We are not affiliated with Spokane A List but if you do know of a new food truck or cart Inland Northwest Business Watch does want to know. E-mail us anytime at -