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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recently issued Spokane area liquor licences-May 11th 2013

Here is our periodic look into some recently issued liquor license's around the Spokane area. This gives a better look into what new restaurants and market's may be coming to the area. However it is important to note some may just be adding liquor and could already be in business, also some may change names before opening as some are place holders and in the name of their parent company.

Source: State of Washington liquor control board

Shalamlamadingdong ( Yes, that is the correct name on the license)
New application at 211 N. Division St. Spokane (Note: Currently Ugly Bettie's Public House )

New application at 1314 S. Grand Blvd Spokane ( Note: former Savory restaurant location )

Perry Street Brewing Company
New application at 1025 S. Perry St #2 Spokane (Note: A lot of buzz about this one, supposed to open a new building under construction now in the heart of the South Perry District)

Maggie's South Hill Grill
Assumption and changing name to Maggie's Grill , located at 2808 E. 29th St. Spokane

Sam's Stop and Shop
New application at 12309 E. Mansfield Rd Spokane Valley

Hung The Tran
New application at 1715 E. Francis Spokane

209 Group
New application at 204 N. Division Spokane( Note: Former The Globe Bar, application is for a nightclub)

Craft E Brew
New application at 20 F St. Cheney