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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Downtown Spokane's Buchanan Building sold ,to be re-opened

The Spokane economy is sure showing signs of hope as yet another historic Downtown building has been sold and will be re-opened. The Buchanan Building at 28 W. 3rd Ave was recently purchased by local businessman and city council member Steve Salvatori. Salvatori is also the owner of the local business incubator, Spokane Entrepreneurial Center which has 2 buildings already elsewhere in Downtown Spokane.

The Buchanan will become new office space and a portion of that space has already been committed to be leased by the Spokane based database developer LimeLyte Technology Group. LimeLyte's CEO will assume the role of building manager and the database company will occupy about half of the main floor of the building. LimeLyte is expected to move it's offices in sometime around June.

The remaining open office space in the Buchanan will be leased out, The building will offer 9 basement level offices and 2 office spaces open on the main floor. The building maybe historic but that doesn't mean it's office tenants can't enjoy the modern conveniences of a card control entry system, high speed Internet and phone , a conference room and more. Parking passes will also be available for building tenants.

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