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Monday, November 25, 2013

Candy Works now open in Northtown Mall

After the recent closure of Northtown Mall's Sweet Factory chain candy store, the mall was left without a candy and sweets vendor. The Sweet Factory space was quickly filled with an addition of the now, newly remodeled Clare's store.But still the mall was without this category of business that had been a favorite for many shoppers. But, last weekend that all changed...

Northtown Mall now has a new candy store back open in the mall. And this time around, the store is local. Candy Works has set up shop on the mall's second floor nearby Sears, Game Stop and Merle Norman. The Candy Works Space was last used as part of a wellness center business which left the mall a couple of months back after moving in with it's sister business elsewhere in Spokane.

Candy Works is a unique candy store with most every kind of candy and sweets up for sale in the mid sized space. Sure, Candy Works sells the usual candy bars but many that are hard to find as well. And fans of the everyday candy bars can surely get their fix as well, with bulk boxes of many right behind the counter.

A section of the back right corner of the store even features an array of candy products from Japan, unusual items like grape flavored Twizzlers are among the items for sale. And although the businesses focus is retail candies, it's not all that's up for sale.

A limited amount of chocolates is displayed predominately in display cases near the cashier. And, in another display case near the front is a selection of delicious looking candy and Carmel apples. It's easy to see Candy Works is not an average mall candy store and, at least during the first weekend seems to be the one of the new stores to check out when going to the Mall for many.

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