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Friday, November 22, 2013

Geocaching specialty store opens in Spokane

While the weather at the time of my writing this may seem a bit too cold to get into any outdoor hobby. We, here in the Inland Northwest do have plenty of time each year too get out and about . And there is one newish hobby that is gathering quite the following, Geocaching. And fans of geocaching now have a new store, right here in Spokane , to help fulfill any of their needs. Or even novices to the hobby that are looking for something new to do.

Cache Advance, Inc. is the owner / parent company behind the new store which is called the Cache Cave. Cache Advance Inc. has spent the last 8 years as an online only geocaching supply retailer but as the hobby grows so has their business. Enough to open a walk in retail shop, Cache Cave is now open and is only the second retail store dedicated to geocaching to open in the nation. The other store is Space Coast Geocaching in Florida thousands of miles away from Spokane.

The new Cache Cave store opened in early November at 2324 E. Euclid Ave. Suite 204 in Spokane. The store and the online store of Cache Advance sells a canisters, GPS units , trackables and a other accessories. The new store also is home to companies warehouse for the online site which also moved operations to the E. Euclid Ave. location. The new warehouse is said to be three times the size of their old location.

Geocaching, for those who aren't aware of this up and coming hobby, is a sort of high tech treasure hunt. Caches are placed in locations ,usually highly hidden, and are then logged on the web site with the site's GPS co-ordinance for other's to come and find the cache. The cache , in most cases , contains a small trinket or gift and a log book to record how many times the item has been located. Many of these cache locations are already hidden all over the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area and can be even found in some remote spots of the world.

The Cache Cave store is open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 12-5pm. For more info on The Cache Cave visit-