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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colbert Trading Company back open, starting today.

It isn't everyday a small business survives from 1885 till today. But that's exactly the case for the historic Colbert Trading Company a.k.a. The Colbert Store in the heart of the Town of Colbert,Wa .
And after a brief hiatus , mainly for renovations , the store is back in business.

The Colbert Trading Company in Colbert is only a short drive north from the Spokane city limits and can be easily found not far off of Newport Hwy at 18711 N. Yale Rd. . The historic store was recently acquired by new owner , Ron Jensen , who replaces a former long time owner known to most simply as Granny. Granny unfortunately passed away a while back, hence the reasoning behind the new owner.

The renovations to the store took a little over 2 years and we're quite extensive. Much of the store has a new look but the merchandise and business concept remains largely the same. Today, The Colbert Trading Co. sells a variety of c-store items like snacks , drinks and the like. But visitors will actually find much more.

The Colbert Trading Company has some regular grocery store items for the local area residents. Also , milkshakes and ice cream are sold from an old fashioned style soda counter. Take n' Bake Pizza is available as are coffee drinks from the stores full service espresso bar.

The store is small and not anything like the major chain groceries to the south in Spokane. But a store with such a history and so intertwined with the community it serves is hard to find. Also the store is conveniently close to Green Bluff , just a few miles , making it an excellent stop on the way.

The Colbert Trading Company
18711 N. Yale Rd

Phone: 509-238-6547

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