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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nudo , a new resturant to open in Downtown Spokane

The space that was Berg's Shoes sure wasn't empty long. Signs went up this week in the Downtown Spokane storefront for a new restaurant being planned that is currently scheduled to open in about 4 to 5 months.

The space, which is at 818 W. Sprague Ave. across Sprague from the iconic Davenport Hotel will become NUDO which is still early in the construction phase so not all the details are even available yet. But we do know is NUDO will be a Japanese restaurant .And judging by the large signs that now wrap the doors and windows, NUDO will feature noodles, ramen and yakitori.

If everything goes by the plans, NUDO will open on March 7th , 2014 . The space will undergo an extensive remodel, that will give the space a more modern look and fell. Design work on NUDO is being done by HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design Group, a Spokane based architecture firm that is responsible for many resent projects around the area. The firm is known for their excellent work on restaurant designs and also just opened new office space for their own firm in a formerly vacant building near the Ridpath Hotel also Downtown.

In the case of NUDO , however HDG will not only design the new restaurant but will also be the business owner. HDG was also the designer behind the Fire Artisan Pizza restaurant which is actually directly next door to the new NUDO restaurant. On Facebook HDG says NUDO will " bring a little funk that will go well with our neighbor, Fire Artisan Pizza "

As of this posting we know nothing of the planned menu at NUDO or what plans may be in store for any bar uses at the new restaurant. However recently HDG did post this artist rendering of the site once the business is open...

It's also too early for a NUDO web site or Facebook page, but if you do want more info, check out HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design Group at....

Or via Facebook-

*Update : 11/14/2013 NUDO has now joined Facebook. They can be found at...