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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spokane's first Canine Fitness Center opens

Every day crowds all over Spokane flock to places like Oz Fitness and other local fitness centers to stay and in shape. And the Spokane area has no shortage of fitness centers , with even more in the works. But up until now none have catered to the specialty of the Animal Wellness Connection. That's because Animal Wellness Connection is Spokane's first Fitness Center for Dogs.

Animal Wellness Connection is actually not a completely new business, but up until last month they have been operating out of a smaller shared business location. Animal Wellness Connection is now open, completely on their own at 1620 E. Houston , Suite 100 in Spokane . The new location is a bit out of the way but still convenient to all of North Spokane and only a very short trip off of Nevada or Francis .

Animal Wellness Connection does offer and on site fitness center for dogs but has many other services as well , most which are also available exclusively for canines. The business is home to canine hydrotherapy , regular canine fitness classes , canine massage and even grooming. Massage services for humans are also available.

Animal Wellness Connection offers holistic pet healing services and even can throw paw spa parties on site, more info on all these services and more are available in the link at the end of this article.

The services offered by the Animal Wellness Connection are quite affordable as well, but do very depending on what service your pet needs. Contact the business or click on the link for pricing info.

For pricing and more info on Animal Wellness Connection in Spokane visit-

Phone: 509-954-1371