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Friday, April 18, 2014

Former Spokane Valley Marie Calendar's to become...

Marie Calendar's Restaurant went out of business a couple of years ago in Spokane Valley. But, it's building sat there, empty for quite sometime lending hope that maybe another new restaurant would replace that space nestled among the many other eateries just off of the freeway.
 But now, the structure and the land it sits on have, finally been sold. And, that new owner won't be another restaurant. In fact the new owners have already demolished the building and will immediately start work on their new venture, a car wash.

The land, which is located at 2111 N. Argonne Rd., Spokane Valley will become a new 6th location for the locally based Car Wash Plaza chain of car washes. The new Car Wash Plaza location will go by the name Argonne Car Wash Plaza and will look just like the chain's other regional locations.

The planned Argonne Car Wash Plaza will have seven total wash bays. Included will also be automatic wash lanes and a Ritzy's Dog Wash which is an indoor self service pet wash usually towards the middle of the building.

The new car wash business will employ 2 and will be open 24 hours . For more info on Car Wash Plaza and how to contact them visit-