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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two California based tech firms open offices in Spokane Valley

Is Spokane Valley becoming the new Silicon Valley? Well sadly not even close... yet. Because in recent months two of those highly coveted tech firms have opened up new offices in Spokane Valley. Here is a look at who they are and where they can be found-


Egnyte, a Mountain View,Ca. based tech firm has expanded their operations to Eastern Washington following the opening of a new 5,000 square foot office in the Pring Center at 15404 E. Springfield Ave. Spokane Valley.

Egnyte provides storage and data sharing services for businesses. Interestingly enough the company also has expanded it's operations globally with a new London office for Eurpoean operations and a regional office in New York. It's not everyday Spokane Valley gets tossed in with cities like New York and London.

The company issued a press release on the issue of their new Spokane Valley regional office citing a diverse local talent pool being fed by Gonzaga University and Washington State University. The company will also do some local hiring by no mention of total employment at the local site.


Irvine,Ca based Protelligent,Inc has also opened a new Spokane Valley office. The new office will be small with 3 employees as of now, but may grow as business demands dictate. The local office is located at 15407 E. Mission Ave Suite 425 and the local office joins other company offices in Irvine and Las Vegas.

Protelligent sells cloud based backup and recovery services to businesses along side system monitoring and technology strategy development. A press release about the local office cites Protelligent as one of the "top 500 fastest growing Ingram Micro channel partners in the United States" .