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Friday, April 11, 2014

INK Art Space opens in Downtown Spokane

Opening soon as non profit organization, INK Art Space, technically doesn't fit the rules of Inland Northwest Business Watch, where we try to stick with new businesses. But INK is well worth the mention because it's bringing something new to the city, and something that will surely boost Spokane's growing creative economy.

INK Art Space is located Downtown at 226 W. Sprague Ave, next to the The Bartlett live music venue. INK provides a space to grow the local art community by providing space for art and space for classes on a variety of subjects which will develop as the INK project progresses. As of right now the project is new but the organizer's hope the space will become a art clubhouse of sorts.

The space will be primarily targeted towards youth to help inspire them along the path of the arts. A soft opening is planned for late spring and they plan to be fully open with a full roster of classes and events by the fall.

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