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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saranac Commons coming to Downtown Spokane

Tentatively re-named Saranac Commons, the building at 19 W. Main in Downtown Spokane will re-open soon as a marketplace style shopping / restaurant complex with several very exciting and all local business tenants.

19 W. Main, was acquired in a building swap of sorts by the ownership behind the Community Building and the Saranac Building which are both in the same block as this new building. Prior to the sale, 19 W. Main was home to Merlyn's Comics & Games, which has relocated to 15 W. Main, also in the same block.

Saranac Commons is due to open in May and will offer about 7,000 square feet of local merchants. Many tenants have already been announced for the market, here is the most up to date list we have of those tenants-

Black Label Brewing Co.

Black Label is a new microbrewery planning to open at 19 W. Main. The brewery is currently in permitting processes and plans to make beer at the site as well as operating a tap room.

For more information on Black Label Brewing Co. find them on Facebook-

Caffe Affogato

A new coffee and ice cream shop. No other info as of yet.

A new bakery from the chef / owner of Sante

We don't have the name or any other info on this yet. But a recent article in the Spokane Journal of Business ( not affiliated with this blog ) mentioned that Jeremy Hansen the head chef of Sante Resturant & Charcuterie is making plans to open a bakery at the building.

A shop similar to Sun People Dry Goods

Coming from the owners of Sun People Dry Goods will be a new shop, that may or may not use the same name. Sun People is a locally owned and operated retail shop selling a variety of green and sustainable merchandise. Sun People Dry Goods was in the same building ( but not same part ) as the now closed Spokane Public Market on W. 2nd until a couple of months ago.

The new shop will sell much of the same items including cleaning goods, bath & body, bedding with a selection of organic mattresses and much more.


A new restaurant serving pita's, etc...

   We don't have a lot of info on Saranac Commons, but will hopefully getting more soon as the opening date gets closer. For more information on the project and the adjoining buildings find the Community Building and Saranac online at-

Or on Facebook at-