Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Orangetheory Fitness coming to Spokane

If you drove around Spokane last week you may have noticed several bicycles painted Orange strapped to poles,etc. in high traffic areas. Turns out this was actually a market campaign to announce the coming of a new fitness chain to the area.

The bikes have since been removed, due to some people taking offence to their similarity to the all white bikes that mark fatal bike accidents. But, the chain itself is still planning on opening with a projected opening date of sometime in October.

That chain is Orangetheory Fitness , a rapidly growing chain of franchised fitness centers. They are a Florida based company who has a unique approach to fitness by making your heart rate over 85% for 12-20 min. of the work out, something they call the Orange Zone. Customers heart rates are even displayed on monitors for easy reference and goal setting.

Orangetheory Fitness is planning two location in the Spokane area, joining a major rush of new gyms to hit the area recently. They will open first on the South Hill nearby Rosauer's Supermarket at 2620 E. 29th Ave. . Additionally they plan to open another location in North Spokane but are still seeking a site for that location.

The Spokane Orangetheory Fitness locations will each employ between 12-15. For more information about their plans locally find them on Facebook at-


Or, watch this Youtube video for more on their concept-


  1. This is the former location of the South Hill Flamin' Joe's. Flamin' Joe's hints on their Facebook page that they had an opportunity to purchase their own property and will open again somewhere else on the Hill. I'm interested to know where that will be.

  2. i'm curious, how many fitness centers can a city the size of Spokane really sustain?!?


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