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Monday, July 13, 2015

Two short lived area businesses closing their doors

Make no mistake, the Spokane area has plenty of cool businesses with exciting concepts that have no intention of leaving. But, unfortunately a couple of business that I reported as opening locally, not long ago are now closing. Those businesses are...

Around the Board, A Board Game Café

At the time I posted about Around the Board, I thought it seemed like a good business idea. But apparently the support just wasn't there as the business owner had planned to run one location here in Spokane and another in Tempe,AZ. But due to the slow pick up in business she has chosen to close the Spokane location and re-open, with just one location in Arizona.
Around the Board was located in Downtown Spokane at the corner of Riverside and Lincoln. It had numerous free board games, board game themed décor, and a full coffee shop with some food items.
No word on where and when Around the Board will re-open in Tempe. They we're only open for about 3 or 4 months total in Spokane.
Liberty Lake Organic Market
When I first mentioned this business, I thought Liberty Lake seemed like the perfect spot for an organic and natural foods grocery store. And, I still think that, but maybe it was the size or little advertising that has caused Liberty Lake Organic Market to go out of business.
The market did not mention the exact reason for their business closure but did mention, on Facebook, that the new Haggen grocery store ( former Liberty Lake Safeway ) will be carrying more local merchandise which hurts the Organic Market's business.
Liberty Lake Organic Market was located at 21980 E. Country Vista Blvd. Suite 100.