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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New restaurant review: Stateline Subs & Pizza #taste509

Today's new restaurant review is of one of the lesser known new restaurants in the Inland Northwest, State Line Subs and Pizza . This new sandwich / pizza business opened late last year at 6891 W. Seltice Way in the small town of State Line,Idaho . The business is tucked away in to small suite next door to the Saddle Sore Inn Bar.

This is completely a locally owned and operated business, when I stopped in it felt like a family serving you the best food they could. And, with a few other customers in the restaurant at the time of my visit I'm apparently not the first to notice this new local business.

They advertise their subs as being just like from "back East " , and being from Ohio originally I was extra interested by this claim. And, although I'm not an expert I would say that is a fair claim. I ordered the pastrami, swiss and kraut sub. It was made fast and fresh, and came with some of their house made chips.

It was loaded and huge, probably the largest sub made in the area. But, the price is actually not bad for all that you get. My order was to go and came in a cardboard box, likely from some of their food items, which was different but in a way kind of cool showing that this really is a small business and not some chain with mass produced bags.

Here is a look at my sub from Stateline Subs & Pizza-

Kind of messy for sure but still good taste. They also offer the chips, and fountain pop. Some cans of pop are also available in a cooler near the door. As the name implies Stateline Subs & Pizza also makes pizza, but because this was my only visit to their establishment I can't speak of what the pizza is like there.

The menu is fair sized with several different subs and pizza available. Unfortunately my picture of their menu didn't look as I planned it to so I can't post it, but you can see a copy on their Facebook page which can be found at the bottom of this article.

The look of the business is very basic, with dine in and carry out available. Sure there it's not fancy and the chairs are yard furniture but keep in mind that they are a small business, likely with a small budget. Here is a look at the inside of Stateline Subs & Pizza-

Would I go back to Stateline Subs & Pizza? yes, Would I recommend them to others? yes. It's nice to have such an option in the Post Falls / Liberty Lake area.

For more information on Stateline Subs & Pizza visit their web site at-

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