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Thursday, August 1, 2013

URM Stores expanding it's North Spokane Distribution Center

URM Stores, Inc. is in the process of a major expansion at it's already large distribution center in North Spokane.

URM Stores is a long running Spokane based company operating as a grocery co-op to provide merchandise to many independent / small chain grocery stores around the Northwest. Among the grocery stores served by URM are Rosauer's , Super 1 Food , Harvest Foods and some other big names. URM, the company itself also operates a small chain of bulk cash and carry grocery stores that operate as URM Cash and Carry. Those stores are located and around the Inland Northwest, for exact locations visit the web site at the end of this post.

URM's distribution center , where the expansion work will take place, is located in North Spokane at 7511 N. Freya St. The expansion is planned to add an additional 75,000 square feet to the center. The new space will be used to expand the companies frozen and refrigerated product storage space.

The expansion is scheduled to be complete by April of 2014 and will come in with a price tag of just over $4 million. Some new interior renovations are also planned as are some new loading docks.

The new expansion will also create new jobs, however an exact number of new jobs is not yet available.

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