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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Burger King delivery coming to Spokane

Yes, you've read this post's headline correctly. Burger King has chosen Spokane to be a site for the chain's delivery program.

Burger King has operated the delivery option , using the name BKDelivers in several major US markets for sometime now and has enjoyed enough success to expand the program to the Spokane area as well as the Minneapolis market.

The BKDelivers program is unusual for a fast food market such as Spokane's since most of the 14 other US cities with the service are larger metro areas such as LA, New York , Boston and Chicago.

The Burger King delivery service has already begun in Spokane but don't expect all local Burger Kings to be able to deliver. As of today the chain is only delivering from 1 location in Spokane, although more locations are expected to be offered in the next few weeks. A location nearby Gonzaga University will also soon start delivery ( this location will deliver on campus at Gonzaga ) , and a yet to be named location in Spokane Valley will also soon begin delivery to the Valley ( including Liberty Lake ).

Basically the entire menu is available for delivery, including shakes , frozen lemonades and smoothies. However orders must meet a $10 minimum for delivery. Delivery times and prices also vary by location visit the BKDelivers web site, listed below for more info

Burger King's delivery service is available via a web site , which features menus , how and when to order, etc... that web site is-