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Friday, August 23, 2013

Changes at The Calm

Spokane's The Calm is closed, but fans of the popular South Hill business just need to stay "calm" as the business says it will move and re-open.

The business has yet to say where they will be moving to however. The business says it will re-open with new owners and in a new location . However there is no mention as of now as the where they will move too or who those new owners are. We do however expect this news to come in the near future. To track their progress visit the info links below.

The Calm, is a wine bar and event center geared towards women. The business is local and operates on a membership system, however membership is not a requirement to use The Calm's services. The business has been located on the South Hill at 1303 S. Grand Ave. and is still a relatively new business opening in 2012.

Since there is no word as to where The Calm will move to or who will own it we cannot confirm if the membership format or if all of the businesses current services will continue.

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