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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Auntie's Bookstore & Chatters Salon closing locations at River Park Square

So far 2014 has not been friendly to Downtown Spokane's River Park Square. Earlier this month a closure of a predominate main floor tenant was announced, and just today we've confirmed that Auntie's Bookstore's mall location will also be closing.

The Auntie's Bookstore location last day will be Jan 31st and the company itself will remain open with the mall store consolidating all operations back into the main store. Auntie's main location is only blocks away from River Park Square at 402 W. Main in the Liberty Building . Auntie's also has a location inside Spokane International Airport, that location will also remain in business.

A store liquidation sale has already begun at the River Park Square Auntie's with merchandise at 25% off as of post time and store fixtures also being sold. No new tenant has been lined up for the space, which is on the second floor of the mall by the sky walk into Macy's.

And, the Auntie's closure isn't the only tenant to leave. As Chatters Salon, located on the first floor in a high profile location near the escalator and parking pay desk. Chatters was a salon and also sold a large selection of retail hair and beauty products. The Spokane location of Chatters Salon was an attempted entry into the US by the Canadian based company. No new tenant has been immediately lined up for the Chatters space.

It's not all doom and gloom however for River Park Square as Athleta , a yoga and fitness retailer that is affiliated Gap,Inc. ( More info- ) opened recently. Also a Francesca's clothing store will open soon in the former Sandwich Gardens restaurant location ( More info- )

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