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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two new fitness businesses open in Spokane ( The Lab & The Union )

Given that losing weight is a common new years resolution, it's only fitting that 2 brand new business would open in Spokane to help people with that goal. Both are local businesses and both are now open, they are...

The Lab

Located at 208 W. Francis Ave. in North Spokane ( just west of N. Division ), The Lab is described as a "high performance results-oriented athletic training center" . The Lab has an decent amount of fitness classes available at various time through out the day / week.

The Lab officially opened in November. To get more info visit-

Or find them on Facebook at-

The Union

The Union is a new fitness center that offers both yoga and spin classes. The business is very new, in fact The Union just opened their doors earlier this month. The Union has a number of yoga and spin classes available.

The Union is located in a recently renovated historic building in Downtown Spokane, their address is 121 W. Pacific Ave. Suite 400

For more info on The Union visit-

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