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Thursday, January 30, 2014

South Regal Lumber Yard to relocate

A bit of good news today. A few months ago I mentioned on the INBW Facebook page of the impending closure of South Regal Lumber. At the time, the long time business was to close the South Hill location and consolidate with the business's sister business, West Plains Building Supply at 10812 W. Geiger Rd, Spokane.

But now we have found out that the South Regal Lumber Yard will stay open separate from West Plains. However the business will relocate off of S. Regal.

South Regal Lumber recently sold the land the business sits on at 5415 S. Regal . The land will be re-developed as a mixed use development but with no known construction date or exact plans for that project.

South Regal Lumber Yard will move to a new drive through style lumber yard that will be built for the business in the 3200 blk of E. 57th Ave. still on the South Hill but further South. The business will also become a part of the Moran Prairie Shopping Center and the Moran Prairie neighborhood.

The new store will employ 9 and there is no known opening date of the new location as of yet. Although, the former location on Regal will close in the spring, likely before the new location opens. Until the new store opens some of the inventory, etc. will be moved to West Plains Building Supply.

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