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Friday, January 10, 2014

Petsmart to open new store on South Hill

Not all the details are in so keep an eye out for a "more info " posting about this. But I fell safe now confirming that Petsmart will be building and opening a new store location on the South Hill.

Petsmart is the first announced tenant for the remaining land at Regal Plaza, a new development now under construction at the corner of S. Regal and Palouse Hwy . I say "remaining land" because Regal Plaza is the home of the recently announced new South Hill Target store. That store's walls and frame are going up now.

The new Petsmart at Regal Plaza will occupy the space referred to as " Pad D" on the Southwest side of the project site and along S. Regal. What we are still waiting to hear about this new Petsmart store is size of store, opening date and how many employees, etc. There have been no known official professional press releases, however the store has been added to approved site plans and sources tell me the city planning dept. staff has also confirmed the new store.

Petsmart currently has 2 Spokane area locations, which will surely stay in business. Those locations are at 9950 N. Newport Hwy and 15615 E. Broadway Ave in Spokane Valley.

The Regal Plaza project has also been the sources of a few other rumors, those include a new Red Robin , Walgreens and even Panera Bread. If the Panera Bread rumor is true this would be that chain's first location in the Spokane area. We will continue to investigate, and reader can follow along as well by following the " South Hill Target" page on Facebook at-

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