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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New restaurant, Wisconsinburger to open in Spokane

Another new restaurant is coming to the South Hill.  And this one's unique name is what has started a lot of conversation in the Spokane foodie scene. The new business will be called, Wisconsinburger and here is what we know of this new establishment.

Wisconsinburger will be a sit down burger restaurant owned and operated locally by the former owners of the Lantern Tap House in the S. Perry District. Their new business feature a menu of dishes inspired by the Midwestern United States. And yes, Wisconsinburger will serve the popular butter burger which has yet to appear on menus around Spokane ( that we are aware of ).

The menu will feature fresh and local foods. And it's not only the menu that will be Midwest inspired at Wisconsinburger. The restaurant's décor will resemble a Midwestern bowling alley.

The location of Wisconsinburger isn't far from the owner's former business, The Lantern. Wisconsinburger will open in the spring at 916 S. Hatch St. on the South Hill. The space is a little over 1,000 square feet and the business will also have beer and wine.

As of now there is no known web site / social media pages for this business but we will add them here once we find them.