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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New small business shout-out: Sightline Energy

Name of Business: Sightline Energy 
Address: 321 S. Dollar Street Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814
Phone: 503-912-4361
Social media page links:
Twitter: @SightlineEnergy
Is this a new business, expansion , move or new location? ( which one. )
How many employed?
1 FTE, Contract employees on per project basis
Size of business space:
<200 b="" sq.ft="">

Is this business part of a larger chain, if so share any info on the company as a whole:
Info about the business: ( the more info, the better )
Sightline Energy is a company focused on helping architects, engineers, and building owners take the guesswork out of designing energy efficient buildings. At Sightline Energy, we understand that energy code compliance, green building standards, and the changing energy efficiency landscape are an increasing challenge to design teams in the Inland Northwest. The team at Sightline Energy has worked in and alongside A/E firms for years, and our goal is to help manage the complexity that energy efficiency and sustainability requirements bring to a project.   

We provide an array of services that provide quick, actionable data to design teams, allowing them to better understand how their design affects the energy efficiency and long-term operational costs of their clients buildings. Our services are designed to save design teams time and money, and allow their clients to have control of their energy costs from the first day of occupancy. 

Sightline Energy offers custom solutions for projects of any size or industry type, and specializes in energy and sustainability services such as: 

• Energy Modeling Services 
• Energy Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (WA State Public Standard) 
• LEED Compliant Energy Simulation 
• LEED Credit Documentation & Certification Support 
• WA NREC 2012 Compliance and Support 
• Utility and Government Energy Incentive Assistance 
• Daylighting Energy Savings Reports