Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ziebart chain comes to Spokane

Ziebart, a chain that's become well known all across the nation for detailing and many other automotive needs has finally arrived in Spokane.

The Troy,Mi. based Ziebart chain has opened a new location at 3 W. Riverside, at the corner of Riverside and N. Division in Downtown Spokane. The building that Ziebart occupies was last a Meineke auto repair shop, which consolidated sometime ago with that chain's location on Francis in North Spokane.

The Spokane location is a franchise and will occupy all of the 4,500 square foot stand alone building.

Ziebart is different the other automotive businesses as the chain is not an auto repair shop. Instead, many other services are offered including-


Rust removal

Glass Repair

Aftermarket product installation

And much more. For more information on Ziebart find them at-

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