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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Batch Bakeshop opening permanent bakery in West Central

Many probably will find the fact that Batch Bakeshop is opening a new brick & mortar location old news. That's because the business received a decent amount of press late last year over their Kickstarter fundraising drive to do just that, open a brick & mortar permanent location ( that Kickstarter campaign can be found here- ).

Following the success of that fundraising, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we heard more on this. And that time is now, as we now know where the bakery will be and about what time it will open.

We asked and we're told Batch Bakeshop is planning to open in July of this year and that they do already have a location. That location will be at the corner of Dean & Chestnut in a kind of more residential part of West Central but still very convenient to Downtown and Kendall Yards which should prove very positive for Batch.

Batch Bakeshop has been operating in Spokane since 2011 and is owned and operated locally by Mika Maloney. Batch Bakeshop's products are sold in several local coffee shops and is probably most well known for it's booths at the Thursday Market farmers market in the South Perry District.

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