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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 exciting new stores open in The Garland District

Chain stores may have a place in the community but shopping small local businesses is a great way to keep your dollars from leaving the local area. And one of the best places to spend those dollars locally is The Garland District. And now there are 2 more new exciting businesses are open directly on Garland. They are...

903 1/2 W. Garland Ave.

Majorz is the new sister business of Zipperz, a women's re-sale / consignment store which is located directly next door to the new Majorz store.

Majorz is billed as Spokane's first men's consignment clothing store. The new store features gently used men's clothing, with many trendy options as well as accessory items money clips, wallets and cuff links. The store also accepts clothes in on consignment , for additional info visit-

Monkey Boy Bicycles
606 W. Garland Ave.

There are many bicycle shops around Spokane but what makes Monkey Boy Bicycles different from the rest is Monkey Boy is Spokane's first bicycle shop devoted to urban transportation. The store opened just last week.

Monkey Boy Bicycles offers city bikes, clothing , accessories and the basics to begin your new bicycle commute

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