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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Developing story- Remodeling work comes to Northtown Mall

We don't have much info on what exactly is planned however there are some exciting changes coming Spokane's Northtown Mall very soon. Construction work is already underway in the basement of the mall where Bumpers Family Fun Center once was, until they moved out last December ( more on the Bumpers move visit - )

Work is also taking place on the main floor mainly in the middle of the mall. INBW inquired about what is going on and the Mall has confirmed they are remodeling to add space for new tenants , a space for new events and a new center court area on the main floor. At this time we don't know how much new space would be created or what new tenants could be coming but we will continue to watch this story closely.

The mall says the work will be done in November . Many other store changes are also happening around Northtown Mall with the recent move / re-opening of Icing , remodel and soon to be re-opening of Clare's , Sweet Factory closure and many more. Also expect to see seasonal stores popping up soon as the holiday season is rapidly approaching.

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