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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New local whisky and Mead from Mead, coming soon to the Inland Northwest

Spokane has been an up and coming wine region for awhile now and the Spokane craft beer scene has exploded lately with enough breweries now around the Inland Northwest for something called the Inland Northwest Ale Trail featuring 16 local breweries . With all of this and the wild success of Dry Fly the secret is out, Spokane loves it's local alcohol.

And now 2 more related businesses are opening in the area, bringing with them a new local whisky and for the first time, Mead.

Tinbender Craft Distillery

Making whisky and other wheat based products, Tinbender Craft Distillery is planning to open for business in Downtown Spokane either late this year or early 2014. The liquor license has already been filed and work is underway.

Tinbender will be located at 24 W. 2nd Ave Suite 201. The same building as the Spokane Public Market. Plans do not call for a tasting room however there will be small counter in the business to come and try a sample.


Hierophant Meadery & Apothecary

Spokane's first meadery is celebrating it's grand opening today with tastings and sales of Spokane's first locally produced Mead. Mead is a fermented drink made primarily of honey and water, the drink has ancient roots and has grown in popularity recently.

And what's fitting for the production site of the Spokane region's first mead, is it's located in... Mead. Hierophant is located along the Greenbluff loop at 16602 N. Day Mount Spokane Rd. Mead,Wa . The new business also has a selection on herbal formulas for sale.