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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3 new resturants coming to Kendall Yards

It's been known for a while now that the developers of the Kendall Yards development we're planning on adding more new local restaurants to the site. Three new restaurants in fact, and up until now there was no official announcement to say what restaurants they we're. And while technically there still hasn't been an announcement. Signs have gone up on the Kendall Yards site, bearing the names of the 3 new restaurants, so here they are....

Note: We don't know all the details on really any of these new establishments, due to the earliness in their construction process. Because of this we don't know exact sizes , opening dates or how many each will employ. As we get that info I will post it on here, so please stay tuned.

Also, the signs at the Kendall Yards site do include artist renderings of each new restaurant. However I have not yet gotten pictures of these signs and will not share other's photo's without permission so these too are also coming....

Veraci Pizza

Veraci Pizza should be a name that is easy to recognize for those who frequent the Spokane area's many farmer's markets. That's because Veraci Pizza is already in business as a travelling wood fired pizza vendor at various events / markets around the area.

Veraci Pizza will go into a new , yet to be built commercial building on W. Summit Pkwy ( Kendall Yard's main street ) next door to the project's already open restaurant, Central Food . The new Veraci location will be a permanent home for the pizza business however what is not known is if Verachi will continue on at the local markets.

Veraci also already operates 1 permanent location in the Seattle area.

Info on Veraci Pizza-

The Wandering Table

It looks like Spokane's The Wandering Table might not be wandering anymore. Well it may continue, but it will also have a permanent restaurant home in the Kendall Yards project.

The Wandering Table has been around the Spokane area in recent years as a project of local up and coming chef Adam Hegsted . Currently Hegsted's The Wandering Table travels around to area locales / businesses providing a full dinner experience of sorts.

The new location of The Wandering Table is described as offering Amercian style wood fried tapas with a full service bar. This new restaurant will be next to the soon to be constructed mixed use building that was mentioned not long ago on this web site.

Info on The Wandering Table-

The Yards , A Bruncheon

The Yards is also a restaurant project of Chef Adam Hegsted. The Yards is a new business and is described as a contemporary style diner serving breakfast and lunch and open 7 days a week.

This business does not yet have a web presence for more info.

-Kendall Yards is located just north of Downtown Spokane along the north bank of the Spokane River and while have struggled to get off the ground for a few years. Now, the large residential / commercial development is rapidly becoming Spokane's newest neighborhood.

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