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Friday, September 27, 2013

Large new apartment complex going in near Northern Quest Casino

In the last few weeks construction crews and equipment have convened on a site in Airway Heights just south of Northern Quest Casino and gotten attention. While as of right now blasting and general site development is all that is has taken place. Full construction should start in the near future for a large new apartment complex on the site.

That complex, which will be called Copper Landing will be built on the land that is located on the west side of Hayford Rd. , under a quarter of a mile north of the Hayford / US 2 intersection. The project should be a boon for the up and coming portion of the Spokane metro area as many major employers are within a short drive, like Northern Quest , the Airway Heights Wal-Mart , Triumph and of course Fairchild Air Force Base.

What makes the new Copper Landing Apartment project interesting is that the apartments will actually be built on land that is being leased to the developer from the Kalispel Tribe of Indians, who own and operate the Casino and also own most of the properties situated along Hayford on it's western side. However, with the exception of a private home and the Tribe's own Cheveron at Legacy Landing gas station much of this land has remained undeveloped.

The new purposed apartment complex on Tribal owned land is the first ever lease made on the Kalispel's land holdings. It is also important to note that site for this project is adjacent to a housing project being developed soon by a group of non-profit's to help relocate a group of residents that are considered to be living in a accident potential zone for Fairchild. The Copper Landing project is a separate , non-affiliated project from that development.

This multi-family housing project is a development of Inland Group . Inland Group is a Spokane Valley based development firm that specializes in multi-family housing projects with many in it's portfolio. With construction already underway it is believed the new apartments will not open until 2014. Although there is, as of now, no official opening date or date to begin leasing.

Copper Landing is will have 216 units available for rent once complete . Current plans for the site call for a total of 9 , 3 story apartment buildings each housing 24 apartments. The apartments are to be based upon the median area income with a rental rate set lower then most other apartments currently on the market.