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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Argonne Village " Annex " coming soon in Spokane Valley

In the heart of Spokane Valley, at the corner of Argonne & Montgomery ( near Trent ) the Argonne Village shopping center is been a landmark for businesses and restaurants for sometime. The center is home to big anchors like Yoke's Fresh Market and Dollar Tree all the way down to small local businesses like Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar.

And now Argonne Village is planning an expansion called " The Annex " which will be a new smaller scale shopping center on vacant land along Montgomery. The new Argonne Village Annex will be on the southeast corner of the center's property nearby the fitness center building ( building will be at 9511 E. Montgomery ).

There is no word on when the new shopping center construction might begin or when stores there might open. But leasing is now underway, leasing work is being administered by Spokane based Kiemle & Hagood Company.

The building will be about 9,000 square feet and offer up space for up to seven different stores and restaurants. No tenants have been announced yet but we will keep and eye out for any new business announcements here.

Here is a look what the new Argonne Village Annex is purposed to look like once complete. Although some small aspects may change depending what future tenants request.

As mentioned before leasing will be by Kiemle & Hagood , and here is a link to their information on the property and who to contact about moving your business into Argonne Village-

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