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Monday, June 1, 2015

Lalo's Pizza & Calzone opening second location in unique Spokane Valley spot

Lalo's Pizza & Calzone has been a locally owned and operated pizza business on Spokane's South Hill for a while. But not long ago Lalo's came under new ownership by local business people James & Pam Wedemeyer and now the South Hill location has a partnership with neighboring bar , Press  ,  to have Lalo's menu delivered fresh to customers at the Press Bar. Lalo's and Press are both located in the 900 block of S. Grand Ave with Lalo's being at 909 S. Grand Ave.

But, this is all small news compared to Lalo's Pizza & Calzone's new plan to open a second location. This will be the first attempt to expand the business to other parts of the region. The new location is currently planned to open for business sometime in July, with some hiring going on now. The original location on S. Grand will also continue to be open even after the new opening.

While Lalo's Pizza & Calzone is an excellent restaurant it's just where the new location will be that's probably the main talking point behind this business news item. The new Lalo's Pizza will be in Spokane Valley at 11027 E. Sprague. For those unfamiliar with this part of the Valley, this is the landmark orange & red train next to the Iron Horse Bar right on Sprague.

The train is a retired full train with engine and few cars that has sat on a small lot for a good many years. While it was originally, and for a long time, a dentist's office it has been used for the last few months as another small pizza place called Choo Choo Pizza which we can only assume is now out of business.

Lalo's Pizza & Calzone offers carry out, dine in and delivery of their menu, although there is a $20 minimum on delivery. They make several speciality pizza's including a dessert pizza and a breakfast pizza. Several other appetizers are available as are calzone's as implied by the business name.

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