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Monday, June 8, 2015

Liberty Lake Safeway converting to Haggen this week

As a part of the Albertson's / Safeway merger some of their stores are switching ownership to Western Washington based grocery store chain Haggen Northwest Fresh. Locally, the only store to undergo this transition is the Safeway in Liberty Lake at 1233 N. Liberty Lake Rd. . And, after some waiting for the merger to be approved , etc... that transition is now underway. But customers of the store won't need to fear as this transition will be quick.

As the above sign shows the Liberty Lake Safeway actually closed their doors for good last night at 6pm. But since Haggen Northwest Fresh is planning to keep the same employees and some shelving / equipment they have these conversions down. Even much of Safeway's merchandise is staying and being sold by the new store. Here is a FAQ page that explains all Haggen will do to the store-
This will be the Haggen chain's only location in Spokane / Coeur d' Alene Metro. Also, of note is that another Safeway store at Argonne Rd. just south of I-90 in Spokane Valley is also now closed. That closure is not due to the merger, the company says it was simply underperforming. Rumor has it another business is already eyeing that building.
The new Liberty Lake Haggen Northwest Fresh will reopen with full grocery and pharmacy on Wednesday morning at 9am . The store's pharmacy will stay open during the chain transition. 

Those wanting to know more about the Haggen Northwest Fresh grocery store chain and how then intend to be a partner in the community will want to check out their " Liberty Lake Community Partner Meeting " . This will be held Thursday June 11th from 5-6pm at Greenacres Middle School - Commons ( 17409 E. Sprague Ave , Spokane Valley ). This would also be a great time for local growers and food manufacturers to show off their products to the Haggen management.

And, for more information on Haggen visit their web site at-