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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New strip mall coming to N. Pines in Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley based Silvey Construction and it's development division continue to invest in the Inland Northwest. Currently the company , which operates from 10221 E. Montgomery Suite A in the Valley has two major new commercial development projects underway.

One such project is in Spokane Valley and will provide new retail and / or restaurant options to the area around Pines Rd. That's because Silvey is currently doing an full remodel of the former bingo hall building at 1212 N. Pines and turning it into a new small shopping center.

Construction at the site is extensive as seen above with the building basically gutted to start over. The front parking lot has been removed as has a small espresso drive through which once stood in the front of the building.

As of now, there is no set completion date nor are there any guaranteed tenants. The space will include enough room for up to four different businesses. And is to look like this once it is done...

We will continue to keep an eye on this project for any new tenant news coming in the near future.

The other project Silvey Construction is working on currently in the local area is a new large office building on N. Nevada. We may have news on that project also soon.

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